A Quick Word about the Ethics of Social Media

I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays and your well-earned time off. (I know; you’re really working on your MMSes, but I’d like to encourage you to take at least a few days off!). I’m passing an interview I did today with the exceptional website Blogs of War on the ethics of national security and social media. I follow Blogs of War on twitter and they have become my first stop for breaking news and multi-perspective analysis. If you’re looking for quick updates on what’s going on in the world, I recommend them to you. (You don’t actually have to join twitter; just bookmark the URL.)

I won’t mention here what motivated me to start tweeting about the issue of discretion in social media (which is what prompted the interview), since, well, it would violate the premise of what I argue: Just because something is open source doesn’t mean we should share it. As we all know, leaked classified material does not become open source once it’s leaked, so obviously, we should never — ever — share it, even if it’s in an article we’re reading in the New York Times.

I admit I take a very conservative position on this issue; I’d love your thoughts and suggestions for how to move my thinking — and our work at the College — forward.

Dr. Johnson


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